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Benefits and Challenges of Modern “Assemble on Site” Office Furniture

The benefits of modern “assemble on site” office furniture

Modern, modular office furniture delivers many great benefits for any existing or new business. And the benefits serve all aspects of your business:

  • Brand enhancement when receiving clients and partners at your place of business
  • Higher employee satisfaction and a “good feeling” about their work environment
  • Cost savings and initial purchase affordability for all needed office furniture
  • Furniture durability and ease of maintenance – furniture specifically built for commercial use
  • Consistent decorative beauty, color and form built into all the furniture
  • Improved overall space utilization by use of powerful software design and planning tools on the front end of the project
  • Better work areas organization and work space functionality
  • Well-planned, improved traffic flow within and between work areas
  • The ability to more easily move or lift-in-place cubicles and other furniture components for carpet cleaning or replacement (for example)
  • The ability to re-design and relocate furniture as needed

The challenges related to modern “assemble on site” office furniture

The only major challenges associated with implementing broad use of modern, modular office furniture are primarily associated with the front end of the project:

  • Space planning including electrical power needs for office equipment, cubicle lighting, power outlets, etc.
  • The office furniture selection itself
  • A well-organized furniture delivery plan
  • The need for open floor space and proper tools to support the unpacking and furniture assembly process
  • The furniture assembly process itself
  • The final exact planned placement and proper and safe installation of all office furniture components including any free-standing walls, private office doors, wall attached shelving and more
  • The final clean-up of all the various packing materials and un-needed pieces and parts not utilized in your specific environment

The need for a professional office furniture installation service is recommended, especially for larger projects

Believe it or not, there are companies that specialize in commercial office furniture installation services, for example, American Office Installations (AOI) in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

They look at this front-end-of-the-project list bulleted above and simply say “that’s exactly what we do!”

Does this image below intimidate you at all?

Skutch Office Furniture Assembly and Installation Photo Collection

Well it probably should, especially for any larger modular office furniture installation project.

  • Do you have all the necessary and various tools needed?
  • Do you have a team of at least two experienced people to work the unpacking, assembly and setup project in a timely, safe and professional manner?

I would guess, probably not.

Full service office furniture installation services are available in the twin cities and around the country!

St Paul MN Office Installation Services

Using a full-service office furniture and modular cubicles company like AOI (America Office Installations) can include a comprehensive Minneapolis office furniture services offering that can include:

  • Office Furniture Receiving
  • Office Furniture Delivery
  • Office furniture Assembly
  • Office Furniture Installations
  • Modular Cubicle Tear Down
  • Modular Cubicle Setup
  • Modular Cubicle Layout Design
  • Office Furniture Receiving
  • Office Furniture Warehousing
  • Office Furniture Tear Down
  • Office Furniture Relocation
  • Office Furniture Setup
  • Office Furniture Repair
  • Office Furniture Recycling
  • Office Furniture Moving
  • Office Furniture Removal
  • Office Furniture Disposal
  • Lift-in-Place Office Furniture Services (for flooring work)

Do you need office furniture installation services coverage for multiple locations across North America?

Although, American Office Installations’ main location is the Twin Cities of Minneapolis St. Paul MN, as an award winning member of InstallNET International, we have access to a network of independent office furniture installation companies ACROSS THE ENTIRE UNITED STATES , CANADA AND BEYOND to meet all of your office teardown, setup or reconfiguration needs under our experienced project management. We manage local installation companies in each city that defines your corporate footprint for you to keep costs down and ensure consistent level of service

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