We do not sell furniture, but would be happy to refer you to some of our partner dealers.

We primarily service the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area, but also handle jobs throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin and eastern North and South Dakota.

Yes. All our employees are fully insured for workers compensation.

Yes. We move customer contents all the time.
Yes. Please give us a call beforehand, and we will gladly show you our operations.
As an office installations company who has been in business for over 30 years, we have handled most furniture brands. There are many more brands than any one company has experience with, but our expert installers can easily figure out new systems based upon their past experiences.
Yes. Provided we are given adequate information, we can provide a quote for most all installs. We offer both project-based pricing as well as hourly rates. Please call us and we can discuss our pricing options.
For jobs utilizing your existing products that are presently in place, we may need to stop by before finalizing our quote.
No. We cannot legally install electrical. However, we do have partner electricians who we use and can coordinate into the project for you.
We do not provide installation plans ourselves, but we instead have experienced partners we work with to do that for you.

We have 5 DOT certified straight trucks and 2 vans for those purposes with fully licensed and DOT certified drivers.

We remove and recycle whatever products we possibly can. We also work closely with a company who repurposes used products if we feel the product has value and can be re-used.
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